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Let us provide you with support, advocacy, education and resources that will surely empower your family and your loved one who happens to have Down syndrome. We have linked families with agencies and services, both locally and nationally, to enable families to provide the best care, early intervention and education for their loved one.

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We welcome all
to share with the
 group their presence
and their personal journeys.
Our group is designed
 to benefit you.
Please contact us to
 configure a meeting
time or
 learn more about
the group and
it's mission.

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play dates

family outings

advocacy work

educational workshops

spiritual support

emotional support

celebrating our children

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All parents experience a wide range of emotions upon learning their child has Down syndrome. Parents may feel overwhelmed with questions about their child and his or her future. Yet after discovering resources, gaining knowledge, and finding support, all families can come to the same place, a place of joy and love for their child.

Families need a place of their own to gain up-to-date information regarding Down syndrome research and advocacy, learn about community resources, and talk to other parents to exchange their stories of the love and the special bond they experience with their child with Down syndrome.

Anything is possible. Our children can attend regular schools, receive diplomas, hold jobs, live independently, vote, attend college, drive cars, date, and get married. People with Down syndrome are independent members of society and we want to help them in their journey by providing support.

 Down Syndrome Support Network Of Stark County
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